Accepted papers

  • Towards Automatic Determination of Critical Gestures for European Portuguese Sounds
    Samuel Silva, Conceição Cunha, António Teixeira, Arun Joseph and Jens Frahm
  • The XYZ European Portuguese sibilants corpus
    Margarida Grilo, Isabel Guimarães, Alberto Abad, João Magalhães, Ivo Anjos and Sofia Cavaco
  • A Dataset for the Evaluation of Lexical Simplification in Portuguese for Children
    Nathan Hartmann, Gustavo Paetzold and Sandra Aluísio
  • Argument Identification in a Language without Labeled Data
    João Rodrigues and António Branco
  • Making the Most Out of Synthetic Data: Portuguese-Chinese Neural Machine Translation Enhanced with Back-Translation Rodrigo Santos, João Silva and António Branco
  • Leveraging on Semantic Textual Similarity for developing a Portuguese Dialogue System
    José Santos, Ana Alves and Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira
  • Situational Irony in Farcical News Headlines
    Paula Carvalho, Bruno Martins, Hugo Rosa, Silvio Amir, Jorge Baptista and Mário J. Silva
  • Exploring the Potentiality of Semantic Features for Paraphrase Detection
    Roney Santos and Thiago Pardo
  • Evaluating Methods of Different Paradigms for Subjectivity Classification in Portuguese
    Luana Belisário, Luiz Ferreira and Thiago Pardo
  • Inferring the authorship of official texts: can SVM beat ULMFiT?
    Pedro Henrique Luz de Araujo and Teofilo De Campos
  • Natural Language Inference for Portuguese using BERT and Multilingual Information
    Marco Antonio Sobrevilla Cabezudo, Marcio Inácio, Ana Carolina Rodrigues, Edresson Casanova and Rogério Figueredo de Sousa
  • Comparison of heterogeneous feature sets for intonation verification
    Mariana Julião, Alberto Abad and Helena Moniz
  • Native Language Identification on L2 Portuguese
    Iria del Río
  • Back to the feature, in entailment detection and similarity measurement for Portuguese
    Pedro Fialho, Luísa Coheur and Paulo Quaresma
  • Word Embeddings at Post-Editing
    Marcio Inácio and Helena Caseli
  • A Portuguese dataset for evaluation of Semantic Question Answering
    Denis Araujo, Sandro Rigo and Paulo Quaresma
  • Aligning IATE criminal terminology to SUMO
    Daniela S Schmitd, Avner Dal Bosco, Cássia Trojahn, Renata Vieira and Paulo Quaresma
  • Less is more: an investigation of pre-trainedembeddings in a dependency parsing
    Juliana C. Carvalho de Araújo, Cláudia Freitas, Marco Aurélio C. Pacheco and Leonardo A. Forero-Mendoza
  • Sentence Compression for Portuguese
    Fernando Nóbrega, Alípio Jorge, Pavel Brazdil and Thiago Pardo
  • Segmentation of words written in the Latin alphabet: a systematic review
    Marcelo Inuzuka, Hugo Alexandre Dantas Do Nascimento and Acquila Santos
  • Emoji prediction for Portuguese
    Luis Duarte, Luis Macedo and Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira
  • Portuguese Language Models and Word Embeddings: Evaluating on Semantic Similarity Tasks
    Ruan Chaves Rodrigues, Jéssica Rodrigues da Silva, Pedro Vitor Quinta de Castro, Nádia Félix Felipe da Silva and Anderson da Silva Soares
  • Relation Extraction for Competitive Intelligence
    Sandra Collovini, Patricia Gonçalves, Guilherme Cavalheiro, Joaquim Neto and Renata Vieira
  • Fake news detection on Fake.Br using hierarchical attention networks
    Emerson Yoshiaki Okano, Zebin Liu, Donghong Ji and Evandro Ruiz
  • Screening of Email Box in Portuguese with SVM at Banco do Brasil
    Rafael Faria de Azevedo, Rafael Rodrigues Pereira de Araujo, Rodrigo Guimarães Araújo, Régis Moreira Bittencourt, Rafael Ferreira Alves da Silva, Gabriel de Melo Vaz Nogueira, Thiago Marques Franca, Jair Otharan Nunes, Klailton Ralff da Silva and Emmanuelle Regiane Cunha de Oliveira
  • Evaluation of Deep Learning Approaches to Text-to-Speech Systems for European Portuguese
    Sebastiao Quintas, Isabel Trancoso and Sebastiao Quintas
  • Exploiting Siamese Neural Networks on Short Text Similarity tasks for multiple domains and languages
    João Vitor Andrioli de Souza, Lucas Emanuel Silva E Oliveira, Yohan Bonescki Gumiel, Deborah Ribeiro Carvalho and Claudia Maria Cabral Moro
  • CrossOIE: Cross-lingual classifier for Open Information Extraction
    Bruno Cabral, Rafael Glauber, Marlo Souza and Daniela Claro
  • Vitality analysis of the Linguistic Atlas of Brazil on Twitter
    Arley Prates, Luis Emanuel Jesus, Daniela Claro, Jacyra Mota, Silvana Ribeiro, Marcela Paim and Josane Oliveira
  • A Deep Learning Model of Commonsense Knowledge for Augmenting Natural Language Processing Tasks in Portuguese Language
    Cecília Carvalho, Vladia Pinheiro and Lívio Freire
  • Fact-Checking for Portuguese: Knowledge Graph and Google Search-based Methods
    Roney Santos and Thiago Pardo
  • Linguistic analysis model for monitoring user reaction on satirical news for Brazilian Portuguese
    Gabriela Wick-Pedro, Roney Santos, Carolina Scarton, Kalina Bontcheva, Oto Vale and Thiago Pardo
  • One Book, Two Language Varieties
    Anabela Barreiro, Ida Rebelo-Arnold, Fernando Batista, Isabel Garcez and Tanara Zingano Kuhn
  • On the first steps for the construction of a Corpus from the Brazilian Historical-Biographical Dictionary
    Alexandre Rademaker and Lucas Ribeiro Coutinho
  • Extraction and Use of Structured and Unstructured Features for the Recommendation of Urban Resources
    Brenda Santana and Leandro Wives
  • Evaluation and Extensions of an Automatic Speech Therapy Platform
    Anna Maria Pompili, Alberto Abad, Isabel Trancoso, José Fonseca and Isabel Pavão Martins
  • Speech Breathing and Expressivity: an experimental study in reading and singing styles (SHORT PAPER)
    Plinio Barbosa, Sandra Madureira, Mario Fontes and Paulo Menegon
  • Exploring Portuguese Word Embeddings for Discovering Lexical-Semantic Relations (SHORT PAPER)
    Tiago Sousa, Ana Alves and Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira
  • The ASSIN 2 shared task: a quick overview (SHORT PAPER)
    Livy Real, Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira and Erick Fonseca
  • A Multiplayer Voice-Enabled Game Platform (SHORT PAPER)
    Francisco Oliveira, Alberto Abad and Isabel Trancoso
  • Towards a Conversational Agent with “Character” (SHORT PAPER)
    Gonçalo Melo and Luísa Coheur